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What is a QR Code?

qr-code-terry-kernanIn it’s simplest form a QR Code is just like a regular barcode, but one that can contain a lot more information that just a number.  Many of the day-to-day items you buy have barcodes on them, these are usied to identify them at the till so that you can pay the correct price when you pay for your groceries as they allow products to be easily identifiable by scanners at point of sale terminals in shops. QR Codes are like barcodes on steriods.  These QR Codes can hold much more than just numbers, they can hold email addresses, telephone numbers, wifi passwords, web addresses, the lot!

What does a QR Code look like?

A QR Code is made up of a single colour (usually black) on a white background, this high contrast makes it easier to read, like a normal barcode.  Some QR Codes, depending on the amount of information that you need to store can look very detailed, others that look blocky contain less detail.  Another characteristic is the error correction, like normal barcodes, the QR Codes also contain error checking components.  In theory you could remove almost half of the QR Code (if you used maximum error correction) and still have a readable barcode, which makes them robust and very versatile.

Can I make my own QR Codes?

QR Codes are easy to make, I find the easiest way to make them is to use an online tool, it takes all the hassle away, plus you can customise the data anyway you like, try it yourself.




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